About Me


About Me

After checking off all the boxes in life: The fancy house, a loving husband, 6 figure engineering career, another house, Cadillac, travelling the world whenever I felt like it... 

I realized that none of this stuff left me feeling fulfilled.

The stars were always aligning for me - being promoted to a 10 year position merely months after graduating University - but I knew I was meant for more.

June 2016, just 7.5 years into my 6 figure engineering career - I walked away.

I realized I was following the path I thought I 'should' be following. I didn't do it for the passion - I let my own ego get the best of me. I let my ego take me into debt. I let my ego rule my life for almost 30 years.

But thankfully I woke up. I now understand that everything I've experienced has set me up with the life cred I need to serve others. To help women like grow a business and lifestyle into a dreamy reality. 

I walked away from the comfortable 6 figure lifestyle into the unknown. To be a beacon of light, of hope for the women of the world. To show you what's possible.

I've answered my calling to serve. And I've never felt happier in my whole life.

Don't settle for the 'should's' don't settle for what society lays out for you. You are meant for BIG big things. And big things will come. Step out of the fear. Find your bliss.

I believe nothing happens by chance in this life.

I have taken everything I've learned on my journey - to show you what's possible so that i can empower you to become the best version of yourself

I've worked everything I've learned into this business so you can learn how to create a lifestyle and business beyond your wildest dreams. I am incredibly passionate about showing you that ANYTHING is possible when you're willing to work at it - including overcoming challenging situations in your life, empowering yourself to uncover a new path and business idea, creating a soul-based freedom biz of your own, leaving the 9-5 world, changing your mindset, beginning to live in the now, and overcoming stumbling blocks in your business so you can achieve financial freedom.

I will show you every step you need to get your purpose and your message into the world so that you can create profits like you've never dreamed of so that you can create an amazing freedom based lifestyle.

I've poured my heart and soul into this business so that I can serve you to become the happiest version of yourself that you've ever met. I consider your success, my success.


When I'm not jammin' out in my business...

I LOVE volunteering with animal rescue.

When I found myself lost and unhappy in my career, I turned to volunteering. After volunteering as a mentor for young girls, ocean rescue, and wild animal rescue, I found my true passion in rescuing dogs. 

I'm a foster home for dogs, and it's something that COMPLETELY lights me up day in and day out. A lot of valuable lessons have been learned from these animals - learning how to live in the now, being happy with the life I have and understanding the healing power of LOVE. 


Here are some of the dogs that have been given a second chance in our home!


Want to learn more about working one on one? Schedule a complimentary session to see if we're a good fit!